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Shandong Szeshang welding materials kick off in the year of the tiger

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On Feb., 8th, 2022, the eighth day of the first lunar month, all employees of Shandong Szeshang Welding Materials returned to work, with the joy of the New Year and full enthusiasm for work, to welcome the first working day of the new year.


All employees of the company signed in to enter the factory.

Work started on the day of the new year, and employees came to the factory early to line up to sign and report.


With the sound of firecrackers, Szeshang Welding Materials ushered in a good starting to the new year.20220211090340844(1)

In the new year, carrying new hope and starting a new course, all employees of the company gathered together to hold a kick-off meeting.


Good luck for start-up The company has prepared red envelopes for the start of construction for each employee, asking for a good luck, so that the start of construction in 2022 will be full of energy and motivation.20220211090352868(1)


2021 is a year full of challenges. The achievements we have achieved are not easy. This is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of the company. Thanks to all employees for their hard work. 2022 is a year full of hope and new challenges. I hope all employees Vigorous, vigorous, and strive to achieve the company's development!

The company's main business: aluminum alloy welding wire, gas shielded welding wire, flux cored welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, Drum-packing welding wire, argon arc welding wire and other high-speed welding materials.

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