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Shandong Szeshang Welding Optical Laboratory

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Welcome to follow me to visit our testing laboratory,
You can see the Optical emission spectrometer(OES),Flaw detector,Rockwell Hardness Tester,Thermostat,Arc Furnace,Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyze,Charpy V-notch phaser etc.

These detecting instruments can help us to supply stable qualified Welding wires to our customers.

We Shandong Szeshang Welding Materials mainly produce Welding consumables, Carbon Steel Welding Wire,ER70S-MIG Wire,TIG Welding Wire,CO2 Welding Wire,Flux Cored Welding Wire,E71T-1/E71T-1C,Aluminum Welding wire,Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire, ER1100/ER4043/ER5356

Any request, send inquiry to us please.

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